2013 Consumer Electronics Show brings green tech into the limelight

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event designed to showcase must-have innovations for the upcoming year. The 2013 festivities were no exception, but this year participants noted a big increase in the number of sustainable living and renewable energy products available for view. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s EnergySaver blog, there were a wide variety of gizmos and gadgets on display that are sure to make the next twelve months an exciting shopping time for everyday Americans.

In a January 18 post, the government-sponsored source looked at a number of fascinating developments and ideas that could shape the way Americans use energy both at home and in the workforce. For example, the GreenZero Wall Charger from consumer tech maker Brackerton can be used to recharge the battery on your smart phone until it’s full- after that, the plug-in device restricts the flow of electricity. Another product, the Wireless Solar Keyboard, utilizes tiny photovoltaic (PV) conductors to build up energy right through your office window.

“Innovation abounded at the 2013 CES, and executives from every major industry that touches technology were here this week,” Gary Shapiro, head of the Consumer Electronics Association, which hosts the yearly tech gathering, said in a press release. “From amazing new products, to CEA’s new book Ninja Innovation, to our new publication – It Is Innovation (i3), innovation prevailed across 37 football fields of technology at the 2013 International CES. Our event is the biggest mobile show to kickoff the year and showcase our new mobile future.”

You should keep an eye out over the coming year for these and other unique designs and inventions. With luck, your local retail store will feature these and many other products that can help you support a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

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