3 Eco-Friendly Bath Products Keep You And The Planet Clean

Heading to the supermarket or drugstore to replenish your supply of bath products can sometimes be a daunting task, with so many brands and types of gels, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and other hygiene items to choose from. One aspect of these purchases that you should think about if you're concerned about green living is whether the products you use are eco-friendly.

Many of the biggest salon brands use chemicals which can be damaging for the environment when they rinse off your skin and go down the drain. Furthermore, some of these substances may not even be that good for your health. So, we've created a list of some great bath products that will leave you feeling clean and fresh without using toxins that could harm you or the planet:

Shampoo – Dead Sea Spa Magik Shampoo contains minerals to moisturize your scalp and normalize the oil and moisture balance of your hair. The manufacturers only use organic ingredients, and it contains no parabens, chemicals found in many pharmaceutical products which have been linked to breast cancer.

Shaving Gel – While there are a few brands that make eco-friendly shaving cream, it may be worth your time to simply make it yourself! Lovelyish, a beauty and lifestyle site, has a recipe that involves simple, natural ingredients like cocoa butter, almond oil and baking soda. Best of all, it's cheap to do!

Sun Block – The Honest Company's SPF 30 sunscreen is biodegradable and "reef-friendly" meaning that when it washes off in ocean water, it won't harm marine life or ecosystems.

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