3 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Projects For Fall

Autumn is a great time to work on home improvement projects, as it’s your last chance before the rain and snow arrive.

Autumn is a great time to work on home improvement projects, as it's your last chance before winter weather arrives. With the end of summer approaching, temperatures will soon fall and working outside will be much more doable if you need to patch up holes in your roof or clean your gutters.

Living Green Magazine has some suggestions for projects that are low-cost and eco-friendly at the same time:

  • Install a solar clothes dryer. While the article essentially recommends using clothes lines, there are actually several products available that have vastly improved on the basic clothes line by incorporating a spinning mechanism and canopy that make the drying process more efficient.
  • Switch to cork flooring in your kitchen. Besides being impermeable to moisture (which will help prevent mold and mildew spores) and fire resistant, cork is also sustainable. It can be harvested repeatedly from the same tree without killing it. The manufacturing process itself makes this one of the most environmentally friendly products available, as cork flooring is a byproduct of cork wine bottle stoppers.
  • Use non-VOC paint. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are carbon-based chemicals that can cause headaches, skin and throat irritation or even cancer. Painted walls with VOC paints will slowly release them into the air, leaving long-term occupants at risk. See our recent coverage of building materials for more information.

Remember that remodeling your home in an eco-friendly way doesn't need to be expensive. None of these options require additional costs above what you would normally spend if you were to choose conventional, unsustainable methods.

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