Advocate For Bike Lanes In Your City

One of the best methods of going green is to ditch your car and hop on your bicycle.

One of the best methods of going green is to ditch your car and hop on your bicycle. Bikes produce zero carbon emissions, run on muscle power, take up much less space than automobiles and get you in shape. A daily ride to and from the office can give you the daily workout you've always planned to get but never had time to complete, and bicycling is far cheaper than driving a car everyday, as you can typically get a decent bike at retail stores for under 200 dollars.

But one of the major problems for people in many cities is that their town doesn't have good bike lanes. If you live in an urban area like Seattle or Boston, bike lanes make it much easier to get to and from work or school, but smaller towns with more emphasis on car travel are less likely to have dedicated space for cyclists. So how does one advocate for adding these to city streets?

You should:

  • Determine which city agencies and officials have jurisdiction over bike lanes and transportation. Sometimes this power lies with the mayor, and others with the city council. It's important to know who you should be appealing to when requesting these kinds of policy changes.
  • Find out if other citizens in your area have asked for new lanes. There are tons of biking blogs on the internet, many devoted to the cycling community in specific cities. Connect with these people, as strength in numbers is important when advocating for higher biking infrastructure spending.

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