An eco-friendly Super Bowl: NFL making the big game greener

While Super Bowl XLVI will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium, it might be the greenest championship game yet.

With extravagant half-time shows, enormous video displays and all of those lights, the Super Bowl has traditionally been a mecca of energy consumption. The National Football League (NFL) has been trying to make the big game progressively greener for each of the last 18 years, but it's really stepping up to the plate this time around.

The Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee and the NFL have teamed up to extend the use of renewable energy sources at the six major facilities that will power everything from computers to the stadium's lights for the season's final game, according to a press release from the NFL Environmental Program.

In an effort to offset the carbon emissions that will inevitably be released from the venues despite those initiatives, the country's oldest green power provider, Green Mountain Energy Company, will grant 15,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to the event's partners. According to the statement, the RECs are estimated to prevent more than 14,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from Super Bowl XLVI's festivities through the generation of clean energy at wind farms in North Dakota.

Green Mountain has said that it is also prepared to plant trees in Indianapolis and neutralize the greenhouse gases that were emitted from the New York Giants' and New England Patriots' transportation to the game with carbon offsets.

The NFL Environmental Program has a list of other initiatives geared to help the ecosystem as well as the Indianapolis community, which includes a waste management and recycling plan, and donations of food, supplies, books and other materials to local nonprofits.

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