An eco-friendly Super Bowl: Throwing a green party

Hosting an eco-friendly Super Bowl party can be easy.

Super Bowl Sunday has almost become an American holiday, and in recent years, the popularity of the game has soared to record heights. According to research by Neilsen Co., four of the five most watched television events ever have been the last four Super Bowls.

If the trend continues, and it should considering the teams that are playing, this year could be the biggest televised event ever. If you plan to host or even just attend a viewing party this weekend, you should follow the lead of the New England Patriots, the New York Giants and the National Football League (NFL), and make Super Bowl XLVI the greenest one yet. With these tips from Eco-Friendly Party LLC, you can do just that.

♦ Avoid paper and plastic. It's best to serve food to your guests on reusable tableware, but if you're worried about "that" friend of yours breaking an expensive dish, don't just buy any disposable plates. Opt for biodegradable utensils and dishes instead.

♦ Buy a keg of local brews. For a lot of people, beer and the Super Bowl go hand-in-hand, but there are more environmentally friendly products out there than the name brands. Locally brewed beer doesn't require excess energy consumption from being shipped across the globe, and chances are, it'll taste much better. Unlike cans and bottles that get thrown in the trash, kegs can be returned to their original source for reuse.

♦ Designate drivers. Of course, if your party does offer alcohol, make sure guests drink responsibly and get home safely. Having a designated driver bring home groups of people can both keep the roads safe and reduce carbon emissions.

♦ Make snacks with organic or local food. There are a lot of staple snacks at Super Bowl parties that can be easily replaced by fresher, greener food. Some eco-friendly munchies can be anything from homemade guacamole with avocados bought at the farmers market to organic chips from the grocery store.

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