Californians Loving Prius Cars, New Report Finds

Toyota announced late last month that Californian car-buyers are favoring its line of Prius vehicles.

Toyota announced late last month that Californian car-buyers are favoring its line of Prius vehicles. According to data from the state government, there were more registrations for the environmentally-friendly Priuses in 2012 than any other model.

A total of 61,893 were officially registered last year, a press release from Toyota read, and included the standard Prius, the Prius Plug-in, and both the "v" and "C" varieties. 

Bill Fay, a group vice president of sales for the company, speculated in a press statement that the superior miles-per-gallon (mpg) ratio of the Prius was driving sales. Included in the release was a revelation that during test drives, the hybrid car achieved 40.8 mpg, which was 1.9 percent higher than its mandated level. During one excursion, a journalist reported 90 mpg during a 25-mile tour.

"Consumers are drawn to the Prius vehicles because of the brand's focus on efficiency," Fay was quoted as saying.  "All four distinct Prius models offer outstanding fuel economy."

Cleantechnica, a green news source, reported on March 9 that Toyota is making a significant push to improve Prius sales in the United States. As part of this initiative, the company will be offering discounts in a number of markets, including California and New York. For example, Toyota is marking down the Prius Plug-in by approximately $6,500.

At this time, it's tough to predict how the automaker's plan will influence sales. However, with elevated gas prices expected to continue through the summer and into the foreseeable future, it makes sense that American consumers are turning to energy-efficient and eco-friendly cars as an alternative to more gas-guzzling models. 

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