California’s Sequoia National Park plagued by smog

While the trees are known for their enormous stature, the biggest thing in California’s Sequoia forest is its pollution problem.

Nature enthusiasts from all over the world have traveled to California to see the majestic Sequoia redwood trees. And while these trees are known for their enormous stature, the biggest thing in California's Sequoia forest is its pollution problem.

Emily Schrepf, a member of the nonprofit advocacy group, the National Park Conservation Association, told The Associated Press that the ozone levels in this historic vegetation are comparable to urban areas like Los Angeles, and are worse than any other national park in the United States.

While visitors can actually drive along roads that cut right through the base of the massive organisms, there are signs posted that warn them when the air quality is so poor that hiking isn't safe. The media outlet also said that job seekers who are looking for employment at California's Sequoia National Park are actually warned on the government employment website that it is unhealthy to work there.

The source indicated that much of the smog that's present in the park comes from "the San Joaquin Valley, the expanse of farmland that is home to California's two busiest north-south trucking highways, diesel freight train corridors, food processing plants and tens of thousands of diesel tractors."

Ozone can blister lungs just as being in the sun can damage skin, and similarly, the severity of harm varies from person to person.

The AP suggests that the only possible way to alleviate this issue is to address the San Joaquin air basin, though Jaime Holt, a spokeswoman for that location, explained that there isn't an unusual amount of pollution being produced, it has simply built up over time.

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