Check Out These Resources For Eco-Friendly Footwear

We've focused recently on the many environmentally friendly products being put out by clothing companies, but one area we haven't discussed previously is the shoe industry, which has often attracted controversy for its disregard for green lifestyle principles and the fact that some manufacturers will take advantage of poor labor conditions in developing countries. However, there are a number of brands and stores out there for the conscious consumer who is looking for stylish footwear that was responsibly and sustainably produced.

Here are some of the best options for someone looking for eco-friendly shoes:

  • Ecouterre – This company provides information on the latest news in the world of sustainable clothing, and they have a section devoted specifically to shoes. It's a great resource for finding out about new brands and products, as well as developing a better understanding of what constitutes a responsibly-produced shoe.
  • Planet Shoes – This online retailer has a section devoted to selling "eco shoes" and vegan footwear, from brands including OTZ, Patagonia and Timberland. They also define what, exactly, an "eco shoe" is and what materials are considered sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • TOMS Footwear – For every pair of shoes this company sells, they donate another pair to children in need. They also produce vegan footwear that uses organic cotton and canvas instead of leather, a great option for anyone concerned about the environmental footprint of leather manufacturing and cattle ranches.

These companies make going green easier for the more style-minded shopper. 

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