Choosing The Right Fish For Your Aquaponics System

We've been covering the growing trend of aquaponics this week, as it grants the user a more sustainable food source that relies on far less water and resources than traditional methods of growing plants and fish.

The water culture aspect of aquaponics is one of the most attractive features of this system, but some may wonder what type of fish exactly they should grow. After all, some fish are meant for warmer waters and climate while others do fine in cold temperatures, and some species develop more quickly while others are raised slowly but produce better flavor. For vegetarians, neither of these is a concern, which begs the question of what kind of fish are best suited for not being eaten at all?

Here is a list of some species to consider when designing your personal aquaponics apparatus:

  • Koi and goldfish: This is likely the most appealing option for vegetarians or vegans who simply want to experience the fun of raising marine life while also enjoying the nutrient benefits that fish provide for the plants you are growing.
  • Tilapia: One of the more popular options for aquaponics enthusiasts, this species is tasty but also tolerant to varying temperature and water quality, making it an ideal fish for beginners who may are prone to making mistakes.
  • Trout: These are ideal if you live in a colder climate and your water will be similarly cold. They thrive in such waters, and provide delicious meat, though they require pristine water conditions, so this wouldn't be a good fish to start out with for your first aquaponics system.

By joining the aquaponics revolution and growing fish at home rather than buying them from unprotected fisheries, you'll be contributing to the green living movement. Check back with frequently for more updates on this terrific new trend.

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