Choosing the right tree for an environmentally friendly Christmas

This year, many Americans are looking to add a bit more green to the holiday season by purchasing environmentally friendly products for their like-minded family and friends. However, these individuals should be careful to take the environment into account when decorating their homes, as many of the season's traditions weren't created with the best interests of nature in mind.

One of the most challenging decisions for individuals concerned about the environment can be decided whether to forgo the family tradition of selecting a Christmas tree. This decision can pose challenges as plastic trees provide for easy clean up, but also put a strain on the Earth's natural resources, whereas living trees often end up in the trash after the year's festivities.

Those looking for a viable alternative in California, however, can choose to rent a tree from The Living Christmas Company. The business, which only currently caters to consumers in Southern California, gives area residents the chance to rent a living, potted tree for the season.

"It's exciting because not only are we meeting our mission; we're also bringing the opportunity for more folks to begin a family tradition more in-line with their values," Scott Martin, founder and CEO of The Living Christmas Tree, told the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Ranging from $95 to $140 for rental, delivery and pick up, the trees also come with eco-friendly lights and ornaments, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Those who aren't in the California area can purchase artisan Christmas trees that are made from recycled materials or that incorporate candles and other sustainable natural resources.

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