College Professor Teaches Class in a Dumpster to Inspire Green Living

A professor from Texas will live in a 33 square foot metal box, similar to a garbage dumpster, for the next 12 months to inspire green living. 

Jeffrey Wilson, an environmental scientist at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, is taking green living to the extreme. According to FastCoExist, the professor will live in a 33 square-foot metal box, similar to a garbage dumpster, for the next 12 months. His plan is part of a larger movement to raise awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles and environmental consciousness.

The tiny residence will be transformed into a place of learning. Both Wilson and his students will help add features to the small space, including energy efficient light bulbs, nano-insulation and even an energy producing toilet. So where will Wilson sleep, you ask? Since the dumpster doesn't boast enough room for a full-sized bed, the scientist plans on curling up in a sleeping bag on the floor of the trash bin, a method he calls "dumpster camping."

"What we are talking about right now is to start a green movement within historically black colleges and universities [of which Huston-Tillotson is one], and become the flagship school of that, under an initiative called 'Green is the New Black," Wilson said.

The students will use their knowledge about green living to develop eco-friendly features for their dorm rooms. In the future, Wilson may also travel to elementary schools to educate children about the importance of helping protect the environment.

Even if you aren't as extreme as Wilson, taking small steps to living green, including recycling and carpooling, can help contribute to the preservation of the environment. What are you waiting for? Start going green today by checking out!

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