Companies Creating Next-Generation Wind Turbines

With investments still flowing toward wind energy projects – for now – researchers around the world are hunting for new technologies that will allow them to create turbines capable of high electricity output and power savings. According to Tree Hugger, a green living news source, a number of organizations and individuals are striving toward this unique and important goal.

General Electric (GE), one of America’s biggest tech firms, has been working on a new turbine design that will produce both short- and long-term developments. The MIT Technology Review recently showcased the GE 2.5-120, an up-and-coming prototype that is rated at a lower wattage output – 2.5 MW compared to the previous generation’s 2.85 MW. But, the source states, annual kilowatt hour generation on the new model will be up to 15 percent higher.

Another development involved the other side of the equation: software. GE, working in collaboration with Zorlu Enerji, a Turkey-based utility company, designed a software suite that allows for real-time control over turbines to maximize energy allocation and storage. This kind of technology, if used widely, would enable engineers to make more effective use of a turbine network.

“By upgrading GE 2.5-MW wind turbines with WindBOOST software, Zorlu Enerji gets the benefit of increased energy production without additional equipment,” a GE spokesperson said in a press statement. “The 31 wind turbines now operate at the same power curve as 2.75-MW units, which is maximizing Zorlu Enerji’s return on investment.”

While it may take some time for these technologies to become more widespread in the United States and abroad, these developments hint at the continued innovation and explorative design taking place in the global green community. Stay with the blog for more updates on these and other exciting and important topics. 

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