Court rules in favor of EPA regulations

Despite Congress' general reluctance to approve any legislation that limits the production of fossil fuels in the United States, the Obama administration has still advocated for greener corporate practices across the country.

Earlier this year, the EPA issued regulations on carbon pollution for the first time, an essential step in the country's transition to sustainability. But, while many celebrated the new laws as a sign of growing eco-consciousness across the country, others riled against it, and eventually took legal action.

But on June 26, a federal court found in favor of the EPA's rules on carbon emissions, The Associated Press reports. The disputed policies dictate that power plants, factories and other large-scale industrial compounds have to meet a certain greenhouse emission standard under the Clean Air Act. The regulations also specify the amount of six specific gases that are in vehicular exhaust.

Various corporations as well as state governments have openly disputed these policies, arguing that they damage certain industries and regional economies that rely heavily on fossil fuel production. In light of this week's ruling, many of these entities have vowed to appeal the decision.

Jay Timmons, the president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, told the source that the EPA's environmental policies are a burden to American businesses.

"We will be considering all of our legal options when it comes to halting these devastating regulations," he told the media outlet, adding that climate change policies should be determined by Congress.

However, the court found that the EPA was absolutely right to use federal law as a means to promote green technology and slow the pace of global warming.

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