Creating an eco-friendly baby room with a smartphone app

Since young Americans are increasingly concerned about the environment (the Environmental Protection Agency says that more than 60 percent of Teen People readers buy environmentally friendly products), these individuals are influencing the values of their parents. However, it's also important for expecting parents to do their best to raise their child in an environment that's free from toxins and chemicals, even if they don't have an older son or daughter to point the way.

Those who are expecting a bundle of joy this holiday season can turn to smartphone apps to help them make the best decisions when it comes to furnishing their new baby's room. For example, the Peaceful Nursery app looks to make shopping quick and easy for busy parents by providing easy-to-access information at their fingertips.

Available at the iTunes store, the app has received many positive reviews since it was first introduced in April. Parents say they can use the app to make clean, user-friendly lists that help them navigate the many tasks they need to tackle before the big day.

Less focused on specific brands than other apps, this relatively inexpensive tool – it costs $1.99 – aims to teach parents about what environmentally friendly products contribute to the safety and health of their child. By using this app as a guide, parents may be able to reduce the amount of potentially harmful substances the baby is exposed to in its nursery or in other parts of the house.

The app also provides advice on what kind of plastics and shampoos are safe for their use. As a result, those who are expecting this holiday season may have more of a reason than ever to invest in smartphone technology, however, they should be sure to conduct research into the best green smartphones available before making a purchase as well.

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