Dutch company releases entirely electric vending van

While playing golf, an ideal drive will land softly on the green in close proximity to the hole. An ideal vehicle will drive using green technology so that it wastes minimal fuel and energy consumption. Thanks to a new innovation in food cart technology, both the game of golf and green vehicles have found a common ground.

Late last month, Dutch manufacturer Tuk Tuk Factory released its new one-of-a-kind vehicle, the e-Tuk Vendo, according to a press release. The small vehicle is actually a vending van that is operated and designed similarly to a golf cart. The most distinguishing factor about the e-Tuk Vendo is that it runs on 100 percent electric energy.

The vehicle uses a very large battery that can not only power the motor, it can also keep items in the attached refrigerator cold while driving. It can run for 70 kilometers on a single charge, and was built with a compact design that maximizes its capabilities to store food, drinks and necessary appliances.

"We can see a substantial market emerging in the area of distribution and sales of biologic and sustainable foods," Roland Vos, director Tuk Tuk Factory, said in a statement. "The go-local trend drives and accelerates this emerging market need. These initiatives find it important that their distribution and sales van is clean and green, it's often a side condition in their marketing concept."

He added that the initial incentive the company had to go forward with the manufacturing of these vehicles was sparked by a number of clients requesting vending carts that had a "fun factor," according to the release. Now golfers can not only have fun playing, they can also get food from a green, fun cart.

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