Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions For Tile And Floors

For many families, summer is the time to head to the beach, park, mountains or other recreational area and have lots of fun in the warm weather, soaking up the sun. But once your family returns from these excursions to the house, they're likely to track mud, dirt and sand throughout the house. The kids will also probably spend more time at home during the summer, which means they'll be in and out frequently, and often without cleaning their shoes.

But if you're a fan of green living, then you probably don't want to use conventional cleaning chemicals from a big box store because they often involve toxic, caustic substances that you want nowhere near your children. Nor do you want them washed down the drain where they can eventually affect the groundwater as well as marine life. Instead of buying these awful cleaners, try using environmentally friendly products, both DIY and store-bought:

  • HGTV recommends simply using a microfiber mop and warm water to clean ceramic tile. It's a good idea to sweep with a broom first to remove large particles, then give the area good rinse. You can add some lemon juice to the water to give it a pleasant scent and a little more kick in removing grime.
  • If you're cleaning hardwood floors, they suggest boiling water with two tea bags and using this to wash the boards. Tannic acid in the tea will make your floors shine. Instead of a mop that is dripping wet, they recommend getting a towel damp, as it doesn't take much to clean floors. will continue to provide tips and information on going green.

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