Eco-friendly designers making going green look good

The number of environmentally friendly products on the market is increasing everyday. Additionally, there always seems to be new ways in which these items are not only appropriate for leading a green lifestyle, but are also functional and affordable.

One way that companies are going green with their products is by using natural supplies to manufacture them. Take, for example, contemporary furniture designer TurriniBY's bamboo loungers, which are made with – as you would imagine – natural bamboo, as well as rattan fibers. Earth911, a resource that is geared to promote consumer recycling practices, topped its recent list of functional decor made from natural fibers created by eco-friendly designers Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti with the bamboo loungers, which were a part of TurriniBY's BEE collection.

"[The BEE collection] comes with an inventive and rigorous technicality, inspired from the constructive principle of an airplane wing, that allows minimum use of raw material and reduces the consumption of energy during transport," Fritsch and Durisotti, the products' designers, told the source.

Earth911 added that green consumers should also keep their eyes open for the company's minimalist end table, which is also from the BEE collection. The table was designed with slim layered wood that gives it sturdiness and durability.

The two designers don't limit their work to the home though. One of their proudest innovations is their B2O Bike, which is made almost entirely of bamboo fiber. Because of that, it's very durable and modern looking.

Their most interesting design is the Chrysalide Eco-habitat that is constructed of 100 percent wood and holds up to their minimalist ideology. The home is powered by photovoltaic sensors with a vertical axis windmill, according to Earth911. The home is designed so that it collects rainwater, which is filtered and heated for use in the house.

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