EcoScraps To Be Made Available At Target Nationwide

By relying on environmentally friendly products like this, you can do your part to make the United States a truly green nation.

The makers of EcoScraps, an all-organic planting material that is free from chemical fertilizers or other treated products, announced on February 26 that Target, the major American retailer, will now be carrying this useful potting soil. A press release from the organization, released in conjunction with Target, highlights the fact that more consumers are being drawn to eco-friendly home care items.

EcoScraps is derived from a number of recycled sources. The aim, officials from the business say, is to reduce consumer reliance on soil products that are potentially harmful for the environment. By doing so, EcoScraps have helped offset nearly 15.2 million pounds of food waste, reducing the country's methane output by 9 million pounds.

The three-year-old company, which has slowly but surely been gaining market share since its inception, hailed the move as critical for both its own success and the wider green living movement. Companies like Target now have the opportunity to take food waste that their stores create and turn it into an environmentally helpful way to resell previously unusable resources. 

"There is no way to overstate what a big milestone this is for us," EcoScraps CEO Dan Blake said in a statement. "This partnership with Target underscores the drive for consumers to find simple, easy ways to use sustainable, high-quality products, and we are excited to be a part of that."

If you're someone who loves to garden or supports their household's food supply by growing crops, EcoScraps is a perfect addition to your tool set. It's now available at more than 1,700 Target locations throughout the country, so give your local outlet a call to see if they have this handy potting soil in stock. By relying on environmentally friendly products like this, you can do your part to make the United States a truly green nation. 

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