Electric vehicle sales may soon spur job creation

In recent years, more Americans have been looking to enter educational programs that can give them the tools to pursue new green-collar jobs. However, while some industries are booming, others have seen a slow start after initially high expectations. While trumpeted as the vehicles of the future and widely considered better for the environment than gas-powered cars, electric vehicles (EV) have seen slow sales in the United States.

But, according to a December 13 report by Pike Research, a market research and consulting firm, the environment for electric cars is expected to change over the next five years. Charging equipment sales are expected to reach $4.3 billion worldwide by 2017 as more consumers make the switch to electric, the company's report indicated. By comparison, the sales of these environmentally friendly products only amounted to around $400 million in 2011.

In addition, the Pike report found that the price of this equipment is also expected to drop, which in turn could help contribute to accelerated consumer demand. As of 2017, the price of EV charging accessories are expected to be nearly 40 percent lower than they are today, according to the report.

"With each new electric vehicle model that gets launched, makers of charging equipment, city planners and retailers gain an increased sense that EVs are here to stay," research director of Pike Research John Gartner said in a press release. "This will encourage both the production and purchase of charging systems."

This added revenue will likely go to private companies in this energy sector that can then create more green careers, as qualified individuals will be need to be hired to design new EV charging accessories, create the green buildings to house manufacturing plants and even work at charging stations around the country.

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