Empire State Building reaching innovative, eco-friendly heights

The Empire State Building has been able to reduce its energy consumption by 20 percent thanks to some innovative changes.

When organizations see that industry leaders have implemented big changes that have generated a large number of benefits, they are likely to follow in the footsteps of these forward-thinking companies. That's how universal upheavals begin, like the Industrial Revolution. Right now, the globe is amid a massive reform to initiate eco-friendly transformations that not only save money on energy and usage costs, they ultimately improve the environment we live in.

If more businesses and communities are going to take on green initiatives, they need to see that it works for other bodies that they look up to. According to recent news out of New York City, they can quite literally look up at one entity that's setting an example for other skyscrapers across the world.

CNNMoney reports that the Empire State Building, which is among the ranks of the tallest buildings in the world, has been able to reduce its energy consumption by 20 percent thanks to some innovative changes, and they aren't done yet.

So far, the only adjustments to the building have been to its exterior. The article states that once the alterations are completed on the inside of the Empire State Building, it is expected to be almost 40 percent more energy efficient.

There are many changes being made to the iconic skyscraper: its cooling system will be updated, new automatic light technology that turns off in unoccupied areas will be installed, windows will be filled with a special energy saving gas and supported by plastic panes and tenants will be able to see exactly how much energy they are using.

All of the retrofits will cost a total of $20 million, but the media outlet said they will reduce the building owners' energy bills by $4.4 million every year afterwards.

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