Energy consumption is a big concern for Americans, poll shows

Though the U.S. economy does show signs of recovery, families across the country are still monitoring their budgets closely. A recent poll published by the AP-NORC, a public affairs research center operated by the Associated Press, revealed that the majority of Americans prioritized reducing energy costs over other household considerations.

The media outlet reports that the poll was conducted via phone interviews with 1,008 adults across the country between March 25 and April 5 of this year.

In those interviews, many of the people surveyed voiced their concerns about energy consumption, on both a personal and national level, with 64% stating that "Americans use a lot of energy and are unwilling to reduce their demand," the news source reports.

The vast majority of those polled – approximately 9 out of 10 people – told AP-NORC that they had "taken some action to reduce their energy." 

However, though energy conscientiousness was high, most respondents stated they were unable to convert to green technology due to limited budgets. Instead, many opted to reduce their energy intake by taking smaller steps at home, like "turning off the lights, turning down the heat, installing more energy-saving appliances and driving less," the source states.

By questioning their subjects about their daily lives, AP-NORC revealed a few discrepancies between eco-conscious rhetoric and eco-conscious action. One California-based woman was adamant about the need to utilize renewable energy for the sake of future generations, but reportedly had two vehicles in the driveway – a Dodge Durango and a Lincoln Continental – with low fuel efficiency ratings.

During their interviews, respondents were asked to rank a number of statements from one to five in terms of personal importance. The majority of participants chose reduced energy consumption over saving up for a vacation, but ultimately having access to a reliable vehicle was the top priority.

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