Energy Fair Takes Place This Weekend In Custer, Wisconsin

The Energy Fair, a three day festival that brings together the large Midwestern community renewable energy advocates and businesses, takes place this weekend from June 21 – 23 in Custer, Wisconsin. The Fair features exhibits from individuals, organizations and companies touting the latest sustainable lifestyle, clean technology and green living trends and ideas.

The New York Times reports that the festival began in 1990 as a collection of "homesteaders, hippies, ecotopians and more than a few end-times enthusiasts" who gathered to discuss what was, at the time, a fringe issue. Today, however, the event attracts a far larger audience thanks in part to the efforts of Ellie Jackson, an events coordinator with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, an advocacy organization that puts on the Energy Fair.

"I was thinking, 20,000 people actually come here?" said Jackson, who was describing her first experience at the event to the source. "But after I went to my first fair I wasn't surprised anymore. The quality that we have in the workshops, the people who donate their time — they truly believe in the work that they do."

Among the projects being promoted at Energy Fair are a machine that converts food waste into methane for energy consumption, cheap solar heat generation for low-income families, and methods for substantially reducing power use in large homes, called "milliwatt living."

Overall, the festival will feature over 250 exhibitors, 200 workshops, a clean transportation show with demonstration vehicles and exhibitors, and green building demos displaying sustainable building techniques.

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