Energy saving products for your home

Every now and then, it's good to peruse the internet for the latest gizmos that will help reduce energy consumption in your home without sacrificing usefulness or quality of life. Unfortunately, there are so many products on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones are worth the investment and which are duds., an environmentalist website, recently published a list of 12 gadgets that will save resources and money while limiting your impact on the planet. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A WiFi enabled thermostat will give you the ability to control the temperature of your home when you're not there. It can also alert you to changes in room climate. The model from Honeywell specifically mentioned in the list can be programmed over seven days with 4 intervals each day so that your home is kept at the temperature you desire without having to be manually adjusted.
  • The Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm will monitor the amount of water used while showering, allowing for easier conservation. It also has a timer so that you can keep track of how long you've been bathing.‚Äč
  • This 16.8 Watt Solar Charger Kit from Voltaic uses energy from the sun to charge your mobile devices, including your laptop or smartphone, thereby limiting your dependence on fossil fuel-derived electricity. You could set this up in a window in your home and use it as a permanent charging solution or take it with you on camping trips where you may not have access to a wall outlet.

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