Engineers design way to recycle shower water into washing machines

A new design from a team of Turkish engineers may prove to be a boon for both environmental advocates and procrastinators around the world. The concept appliance, known as the Washit, is a device that incorporates a shower stall and a washer-and-dryer system, with the former providing water for usage in the latter. Simply put, your clothes get washed while you wash yourself.

According to technology news website Gizmag, the Washit team recently received the 2012 Hansgrohe Prize for Efficient Water Design, which was awarded by the iF Concept Design Awards, an international program that celebrates and honors green-friendly creations.

The Washit utilizes a closed-water plumbing system that takes water from its internal drain and feeds it into a separate water tank. Three different filtration systems sluice the water through in order to remove any contaminants before it is sent to the laundry portion of the machine. UV radiation is employed during this process to kill off any bacteria or germs before the cleaning process begins.

But the Washit doesn't just wash the clothes – it dries them. In a bid to save energy consumption, the engineering team designed it so that the machine doubles as a dryer. That way, users could theoretically change back into their clothes once their shower is done. According to Gizmag, this means that the Washit could potentially be deployed in gyms, clubs and apartments that lack a washing appliance.

As of now, there are no official plans from the creators of the Washit to produce a commercial-scale version or even to market the current design. However, given the publicity surrounding the project, it's all but certain this idea will be a favorite for those who try to live a low-impact lifestyle.

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