Every state has renewable energy potential, says government clean power agency

According to a report released on July 26 by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every state in America has the capability to produce some form of renewable power.

The study, entitled "U.S. RE Technical Potential," was meant to shine light on areas that have not been previously considered as potential sites for eco-friendly electricity generation. The technologies cited include solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal sources as possible means to create power.

"Decision-makers using the study will get a sense of scale regarding the potential for renewables, and which technologies are worth examining," NREL’s Anthony Lopez, one of the authors of study, said in the government agency's press release. "Energy modelers also will find the study valuable."

In addition to details regarding the nation's current power generation capabilities and its future needs, the report includes a series of maps that calculates which areas are best suited for the different types of energy production. For example, Iowa was reported to have a substantial amount of biomass resources, whereas, predictably, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Southern California were identified as some of the best spots for large-scale photovoltaic solar panel systems.

Donna Heimiller, one of the other authors of the study, described the project as a "living document" that can be altered and improved as new sources of renewable energy are discovered or located. Funding for the project was part of the Obama administration's multi-faceted drive to implement ways of reducing the country's dependence on oil and coal consumption.

Though this report represents a small part of the clean power movement, it shows that every part of America is capable, in some way, of going green.

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