Exotic vacations can bring families together through green activities

Ecotourism is becoming very popular, but as this blog has discussed in the past, it can be very difficult to find a destination that's truly eco-friendly. Of course, green travelers can ride bikes and hike rather than drive around sightseeing if they want to lessen their impact on the environment, but it can be difficult to convince a whole family to partake in such activities.

One great location for a green vacation is Hawaii. For the most part, all of the attractions and experiences the islands have to offer are outdoors and require little-to-no energy consumption. From snorkeling to surfing, kayaking to zip lining, it's possible to plan an entire week of activities that are completely independent of energy use. Additionally, there are a great number of eco-friendly hotels and resorts that trip planners can browse through here.

Oftentimes, when someone talks about going green, they're referring to reducing their impact on the atmosphere by avoiding any activities or products that can be associated with carbon emissions, but the ocean can sometimes get overlooked. Since most of the planet is covered in bodies of water that are integral to the globe's ecosystem, parents can educate their children and themselves on efforts to keep the oceans clean.

In Marathon Key, Florida, visitors at the Hidden Harbor Motel can participate in hands-on marine environmental programs in which they can actually get into the water and help rescue endangered animals. The hotel is next to a sea turtle hospital and a recovery aquarium for injured and ill creatures.

Is there better way to spend some time off than actively helping the environment in an exotic location?

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