Fisker Automotive: Drivers experiencing fuel efficiency of 150 MPG or greater

Electric car manufacturer Fisker Automotive recently announced in a press release that its line of Karma hybrid sedans have been achieving the company's most ambitious targets for fuel economy and technology development. Not only has the company already reached the 2025 target efficiency level as mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), but some of its drivers responded in a recent survey that they have seen fuel-saving levels of up to 200 miles per gallon (MPG).

In August, the NHSTA approved rules that require cars to emit lower levels of greenhouse gases. To reach this goal, the government agency mandates that manufacturers implement higher fuel economies beginning in 2017. According to the press release, Fisker Automotive's Karma must be capable of 45.6 MPG by 2025.

"Regulators must make assumptions about how a car is driven on average, but the appeal of the Karma is that the driver can decide when to drive on electricity and when to drive on gas," Fisker said. "The car’s performance in the real world is what matters most – and customer feedback so far suggests Karma owners are outperforming the assumptions behind the regulations."

The survey, which sampled 30 Fisker drivers, showed that hybrid car motorists were experiencing 150 MPG on average. Several respondents said that when taking trips in excess of several thousand miles, they reached levels of up to 200 MPG.

These developments highlight the economic and environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles, but the fact remains that cars like the Karma are still prohibitively expensive. As fuel efficiency standards are raised over the next decade, the market could see more affordable models available to everyday consumers.

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