Fund-seeking start-up proposes to turn compost into energy

Re-Nuble is one of those companies that seeks to bring big changes to the energy industry by starting out small. With just a simple website, an Indiegogo crowdfunding page and a few informational videos, this group is seeking to upend the idea that you must have large financial backing to make a difference. According to green tech news source EarthTechling, this firm has a few novel ideas about the way that communities can approach local energy production.

In a bid to reduce operational costs, Re-Nuble, which is still in the fundraising stage, is hoping to use transportable anaerobic digesters to process biological waste of many different kinds. This technology, to put it simply, is a machine that contains a large supply of bacteria that are capable of breaking down materials and producing a potentially useful source of energy. In most cases, methane or hydrogen is the primary by-product.

"Re-Nuble is introducing a business model that combines corporate and community interests to create localized activism that achieves three core goals: healthier food production, prosperous and cleaner communities and lessened reliance on fossil fuels," Tinia Pina, the CEO of the company, was quoted as saying by Sustainablog, a green news source.

Unfortunately, Re-Nuble has experienced some challenges that have made it tougher to enter a commercial-scale style of operation. According to Indiegogo, the company has only raised about $3,000 of its $25,000 goal.

There is still time remaining in its pledge drive, so if you want to give to a noble cause, Re-Nuble would gladly put your money to work. It is offering a number of incentives for donations, including a VIP invitation to its expected opening and the honor of naming one of its anaerobic digesters. By doing so, you might contribute to a future when towns and cities can spend less time on waste management and more on building a better community.

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