Furnace Made Out Of Soda Cans Saves Energy

When it comes to green living, eco-friendly individuals across the world are thinking outside of the box. Metropolitan State University of Denver professor Aaron Brown has recently built water heaters made out of empty soda cans for his Colorado community. These furnaces cost only $30 dollars to make and will save you about the same amount of money in energy costs.

"You have to be really creative," Richard Anderson, a Metro State senior who's part of the project team, told DailyLocal.com. "Right now, the unit will last for about a winter without any maintenance. If you bumped up the cost to about $100, it would last three or four times longer. But you're talking about soda cans and computer fans that you can buy six for $10 on eBay and you're supplying heat to an entire house."

The electricity bill used by the fans costs only about two cents a day. The design mechanism is simple: Cool air becomes trapped in the unit's base and then heats up as it moves up drilled holes within the 144 aluminum cans that have been heated up by the sun. A unit that was installed in a room in November heated a room from 60 degrees to 90 degrees within a matter of 20 minutes! More installations are expected to happen during this month.

Even if you aren't as extreme as Brown, taking small steps to live green, including recycling and carpooling, can help contribute to the preservation of the environment. What are you waiting for? Start going green today by checking out LifeIsGreen.com!

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