German designer unveils the future of mobile living

Most people tend to associate mobile homes with run-down trailer parks and their "white trash" denizens. However, this stereotype is about to change thanks to the work of German engineer Christian Susana, who has designed what could be the next step in moveable living spaces.

Known as the Colim (Colors of Life in Motion) Caravan, this vehicle is a hybrid between a microcar and a fully-equipped camper. It's capable of housing four people and the detachable car seats two.

Though still in the design phase – according to Susana, he is still seeking a manufacturer – the Colim Caravan will feature beds, kitchenette, bathroom and at least one couch. Its proposed aerodynamic body will cut down on wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

In a recent article, EarthTechling, a green industry news website, spotlit the new vehicle design and wrote that it, if fully realized, could accelerate to approximately 90 miles per hour, which would not only outclass most campers but also some hybrid and mini-sized cars.

The uses of this type of vehicle are numerous. For example, the Colim Caravan could be used by families that want to camp in rural areas but visit nearby attractions or drive into town for supplies. The proposed low-energy appliances would help those who are mindful of green living to cut down on expenses, which can accumulate rather quickly as those who have gone on a driving vacation know too well.

Will the Colim Caravan change the way people approach mobile sustainable living? Until it enters commercial-scale production, it's too early to say. However, its design signals a shift in the way engineers approach low-impact living.

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