Get Rid Of Mosquitoes With These Eco-Friendly Candles

If you live in a humid area close to a body of water, you're probably spending many of your mornings and evenings dealing with swarms of mosquitoes that are feasting on your arms and legs. The feeling is unpleasant, and can prove dangerous if any of those bugs transmit West Nile Virus.

But getting rid of them isn't all that easy. Insect repellant creams are gross and typically contain chemicals that may not be the healthiest for your skin, and mosquito zapping lights use a lot of electricity that can be saved by using candles.

Apartment Therapy, a small-living lifestyle site, provides a list of five options for those who want to get rid of mosquitoes without an environmental cost. Here are some of the best products they recommend:

  • Fly Away Sticks by Madison James –  These incense sticks will clear the area around you of bees and other insects, but you'll want to stick around to enjoy the pleasant aroma of orange and citronella oils. 
  • Without Mosquitos Candle Making Kit by The Greatest Candle – Using recycled vegetable oil, you can make mosquito-repelling candles yourself with the powder provided in this kit. You can also purchase premade candles.

Being comfortable and going green aren't mutually exclusive goals. These products can help you stay bug-free without making an environmental impact.

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