GM the first vehicle manufacturer to label cars with environmental impact info

Car manufacturers are starting to understand that the number of green consumers is escalating every day.

Car manufacturers understand that the number of green consumers is escalating every day. With that comes a new automotive industry competition to see who can produce the most fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle. As it currently stands, there is no standardized way to determine how much more eco-friendly one car is to another beyond companies' savvy marketing schemes.

GM, however, has stepped up to the plate and will soon offer the first voluntary, third-party certified labels on their vehicles that show car shoppers exactly how green each auto really is.

The Ecologic labels, as they're called, will first appear on the 2012 Chevy Sonic, offering information such as environmental impact and fuel economy.

The stickers will not include information about the recycled materials manufacturers used to produce the car, but may in the future. Since the eco-labels are such a new initiative, the process will inevitably grow over time.

"We view this as we view the larger sustainability efforts in the company, this is a journey, it never ends and it will evolve over time," Mike Robinson, GM's vice president of sustainability and regulatory affairs, said in a statement. "This is not a static, once-and-done type of thing."

The eco-labels are only a part of GM's efforts to go green, as the company has invested roughly $40 million in means of reducing its facilities' carbon emissions by 8 million metric tons. GM has set a goal to completely avoid sending waste from all of the conglomerate's worldwide facilities into landfills, according to a press release. Additionally, after the BP oil spill in 2010, the company took the booms used to contain spreading oil in the ocean and recycled them for materials to make their Chevy Volt.

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