Going green for the Holidays: Buying eco-friendly plasma TVs

Green consumers have helped bring about big changes in the electronics industry, and as a result, new electronic items now strive to meet government standards that could help the nation as a whole conserve resources. This holiday season, green shoppers can make sure they get all the items on their list while still sticking to their principles and values.

To make the best purchase for the environment, shoppers should look for the government's Energy Star label. The products, which are equipped with a bright blue sticker, are around 40 percent more energy efficient when compared to non-Energy Star models. As a result, these models could help reduce a substantial amount of energy over the lifetime of its use. Larger TVs also need to meet heightened standards. Energy Star-qualified 60-inch televisions, for instance, are about 60 percent more energy efficient when compared to other models.

However, while looking at the label can ensure the TV is eco-friendly, some TVs may be better for the environment than others. Unlike LCD TVs, which use a light bulb to generate the picture, plasma TVs use emissive displays.

In these TVs, gas is used to make the pixels in the TV glow, creating the image. Buyers may want to note that while some experts believe smaller LCD TVs are generally more efficient than vacuum tube TVs, plasmas are generally considered to conserve most energy.

But, while these differences are debated, consumers may want to choose a TV that has all of the other specifications they desire. For example, picture and sound quality often need to be assessed. Regardless of the type of TV they purchase, consumers who purchase any model that has been Energy Star-rated can rest assured that they are doing their small part to help less environmentally minded individuals secure helpful products. 

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