Going green for the holidays: Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Even most die-hard eco-enthusiasts will likely admit that a gift just doesn't have the same magic without the addition of truly spectacular wrapping. At the same time, individuals who want to do their best to help America conserve resources this holiday season know that they should be careful not to waste paper. But, by conducting some smart holiday shopping this winter and turning to environmentally friendly products, each American can do their part to make this Christmas greener than the Grinch himself.

One way green-minded individuals can help their favorite cause is by changing the way they open their gifts. While ripping and tearing may be part of the fun for small children, these actions create wasted materials that need to once again be extracted from nature next year.

When opening their gifts, these individuals should undo wrapping in a way that leaves most of the paper intact. This way, they can put the wrapping paper aside and save it for next year's gifts. If done right, the future recipient of the gift will hardly notice that he's been handed an iPod in reused wrapping paper – especially, if there's an iPod inside.

Gift wrapping isn't just limited to paper, however. Tape and scissors also need to be utilized depending on the gift. To make the best purchase, consumers can look to alternative environmentally friendly products such as green tape. For example, Scotch recently released the Scotch 75-percent Recycled Magic version of its signature product, three-quarters of which is made out of plant-based or recycled material.

Paper bags are also a good environmentally friendly product consumers can give out this holiday season. To provide helpful knowledge as well as the intended present, gift givers may want to encourage their friends and family to reuse these bags next year when they wrap their own presents. 

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