Goodyear announces self-regulating tire system for 2013

In a move that will certainly please drivers who are tired of constantly checking their tires for leaks and pressure, American tiremaker Goodyear debuted its Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) earlier this year. The new system will enable automobile computers to keep their owners up to date on air and pressure levels, as well as any other problems that may arise on the road.

According to the company's press release, nearly 50 percent of all breakdowns have something to do with a malfunctioning tire. Therefore, Goodyear sought ways to reduce these issues and give its customers a safer driving experience. With this "smart" system in place, drivers can now be better informed about potential hazards related to their tires.

Additionally, the AMT initiative will save users money in the short term, as partially inflated tires are much less fuel efficient than those that are optimally maintained. With appropriate pressure, tires are also less susceptible to damage, meaning that AMT-equipped wheels will last longer than conventional ones.

Goodyear officials lauded the developments as their own contribution to the next generation of automobiles.

"We believe the Air Maintenance Technology application for commercial vehicle tires will not only enhance the performance of the tire, but will also provide cost savings to fleet owners and operators through the extension of tire tread life and increased fuel economy," Goodyear Chief Technical Officer, Jean-Claude Kihn, was quoted as saying in the release. "The progress we continue to make with this technology is very encouraging. We look forward to further testing of this concept."

With green energy organizations and the Obama administration advocating for higher fuel efficiency standards, these tires will be well-suited for achieving those goals. While this technology is still relatively new, don't be surprised if you see more of these "smart wheels" on the road in the near future.

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