Google Creates Remote-Controlled Irrigation Networks

An irrigation network is like the circulatory system for a farm – it provides the necessary nutrients that allow plants to grow and prosper. Running this kind of set-up requires a lot of time and energy, but a team of engineers at Google has reportedly been working on a way to dramatically increase the efficiencies in such a system. 

Known as Irrduino, this innovative system can be operated from a simple mobile app. J.J. Barrons and Joe Fernandez, two current employees at the tech giant, began working on the initiative as a way for homeowners to automate their residential gardens more effectively. However, the idea is quickly expanding into one that could change the way that farmers operate their vast crop fields. 

"I call this project Irrduino," Fernandez wrote in a recent blog post, "Because at the core of it is an Arduino microcontroller that lets me remotely control the irrigation zones at my house. Irrduino communicates via Ethernet and standard html requests and responses (specifically a REST interface with JSON responses, for you web geeks out there) which means I can control my sprinklers from anywhere on the planet with a web browser and an internet connection, or any smartphone with the same."

Interestingly, the pair has decided to release the source code for Irrduino, so they aren't trying to commercialize or market the project. Rather, they're most likely hoping that everyday folks adopt this software as a way to improve their green living standards through the use of technology. If you're interested, you can find the necessary information here

This development is yet another great idea to come out of the American technology giant. For more exciting innovations that aim to promote sustainable lifestyles, stay with the blog. 

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