Green Cleaning: Do-It-Yourself Washing Solutions

The unfortunate truth about spring cleaning is that it can be as costly as it is environmentally unfriendly. Many name-brand cleaning fluids contain chemicals that are harmful to the soil – not to mention the plastic containers they're stored in, which can take countless years to break down. By opting to make your own washing solutions out of easy-to-find household products, you'll be doing both your home and the planet a favor.

Today, we'll look at some quick-to-mix options for when you have to wash windows, clean floors or even scrub the bathroom. These tips can also save you money during this occasionally expensive house-wide project.

One of the easiest solutions to make is composed primarily of vinegar. Take three tablespoons of vinegar and mix it with two cups of water. A jumbo-sized version requires one-half of a cup of vinegar for a gallon of water. Shake it up well and you're ready to go — this mixture is perfect for cleaning glass without creating streaks, as well as getting gunk out of bathroom or kitchen floor tiles. If you're working on a rather nasty cleaning project that needs an extra bit of force, add lemon juice to this mixture. The extra acidity helps dissolve hardened dirt or grime. 

To make a disinfectant, start with two cups of water. Add several drops of natural soap as well as a dozen drops each of lavender and tea tree organic oils. This solution can be used on almost any surface. According to, a green-friendly family information site, you should avoid washing glass with this mixture as it may lead to streaks.

By opting for these environmentally friendly products as opposed to the name-brand ones you can find in the store, you can rest assured that your spring cleaning is as eco-healthy as it is efficient.

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