Green home cleaning tips to adopt in 2013

In years past, you may have vowed to be more environmentally friendly with your choices as a consumer, going green by purchasing LED bulbs or solar energy products. In 2013, however, you can benefit by adapting the same habits when choosing the items you use to clean your home.

While usually inexpensive, many popular cleaning products, such as those for floors, windows and bathrooms actually harbor toxins and chemicals that can not only be potentially harmful to those around you if used improperly, but bad for the environment in certain cases as well.

This year, you can further your commitment to the environment by purchasing green products that clean the following areas of your home:

Kitchens – Nothing improves the sight of kitchen countertops and cabinets like a quick polish. However, you may want to be conscious of what you're using to clean these areas. Using paper towels or newspapers, which often end up in landfills, may not be the best for the environment. Instead, green experts suggest microfiber cloths, as they are inexpensive and reusable.

Tubs and sinks – For homeowners, there may be nothing worse than a tub or sink that is caked with unsightly residue. For a green way to clean these areas, many experts suggest using all-natural products such as baking soda or Kosher salt on tiles, sinks and tubs. Similarly, mold or mildew in these areas can be removed with lemon juice or white vinegar.

Windows – Just like tubs and sinks, windows often take a beating on the interior and exterior of homes. Looking for a green alternative? Mother Nature Network offers some handy cleaning tools you can make for use in spray bottles or buckets.

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  1. Good post! This year I decided I would sign up with a green cleaning service to kick off my commitment to live greener. So far so good!

  2. Hi Thatcher,

    Its good to see other people out ther giving tips on going green with cleaning. We have been doing some research and we have found that using lemon juice in water is more effective at cleaning windows, than some of the older (unfirendly) products we used to use. I will have a look on the mother nature wesbsite you posted for more tips!



  3. Green cleaning is a smart way to clean your house the safe, non-toxic way. Good green home cleaning tips are shared here to keep our house naturally fresh and clean!

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