Green Housing

In the United States, many construction firms and real estate companies are already beginning to see the push by consumers for more sustainable homes that feature environmentally friendly products and materials. For example, a September 2010 national survey conducted by Clarus Research Group found that nearly nine out of every 10 Americans say that making their home more energy efficient is a matter of importance. In addition, only around one in every three homeowners said their homes are currently very energy efficient.

As a result, a big market is opening up for those who want to pursue green careers or start businesses that can assist Americans with their effort to decrease their personal energy consumption. Despite the opening for forward-thinking individuals and entrepreneurs, the green housing industry faces a number of concerns and potential pitfalls. However, those who want to lead the charge can benefit from keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field with a trusted news source such as Even those who simply want to learn how they can alter their personal habits to be more eco-friendly can turn to this trusted news source to find out the latest tips and advice from one handy source.

Green housing techniques to increase a home's energy efficiency
Since aims to become one of the top places on the internet for information relating to green housing, the news source will be dedicating pages to ways that these Americans can improve the energy efficiency of their existing home. Whether it's for the latest developments with compact fluorescent light bulbs, thermostats or home improvement tips that could reduce the number of air leaks in a home, readers can find cost-saving solutions by trusting the experts at

In addition, since many Americans are concerned about how to make their favorite activities more environmentally friendly, readers will be able to find information on how they can conduct their hobbies such as lawn care, gardening and planting without harming their local environment. Readers can also find the latest news on renewable energy resources as they become available for personal purchase.

Purchasing green housing

Today's homebuyers can look to new certifications to ensure that when they purchase their new home, they are taking steps to reducing their impact on the environment. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, for instance, was created for homeowners to determine whether their new home meets the standards of other high-performance green homes. Those without the resources to purchase more costly green homes can also turn to to learn about affordable green housing initiatives that are being started in cities and states around the country.

Energy Star also provides a handy label shoppers can use to ensure their new house is stocked with products that will cut their monthly costs in the long run. But, by turning to the right source for information on the latest products, consumers could save time and money while conducting their search for top-quality appliances.

Why is the source for green housing information
Started as a means to give consumers an easy all-inclusive access to information about everything green, aims to provide its readers with the latest developments in a number of fields relating to green energy. Whether it's detailing forthcoming changes in the travel and design industry or simply tips on the green living basics, the experts at are seeking to keep consumers informed about how their choices can affect not only the environment, but also those around them. 

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