Green Tips For The Dorm Room

Colleges are famous for their efforts to make campuses more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and this wouldn't be the case without pressure from students. If you're one of those college kids that wants to make sure their school is mitigating its environmental impact, we hope you're also doing your part to make sure you're individually producing less pollution, trash and waste!

Here are some green ideas for college students to follow:

  • Drink tap water: It's tempting to simply pick up water bottles at an on-campus convenience store, but it's important to note how damaging bottled water can be to the environment. To begin with, the water itself isn't any cleaner than tap water (in fact, it's often worse in terms of contaminants and toxins). Additionally, all those plastic bottles simply end up in dumps. Try using a reusable bottle instead.
  • Reuse materials as much as you can: Whether it's converting a plastic container into a pencil holder, or purchasing used textbooks instead of new ones, there are many opportunities for college students to recycle. The more you do, the fewer of these items will end up in landfills, where they can decompose over time and create greenhouse gases.
  • Use your school's printing resources: Many students will purchase a printer for their desk when they start college, but this is a waste of resources. Given that many professors are now asking their students to turn papers in electronically, try using your school's printers in the library. Not only will this save you money, it will also keep you from generating waste when you eventually have to throw out your printer.

Check back with frequently for more tips on environmentally friendly products and practices!

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