Harlem’s latest Applebee’s location set to become city’s first LEED restaurant

An Applebee's is being built in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, just inside the East Park Plaza. While most would assume that this event is just the spread of a restaurant chain, it's actually a groundbreaking development in bringing renewable energy technology to today's consumer culture. According to media reports, the new franchise is set to receive a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The restaurant will employ a number of power-saving methods when it opens. One of the most intriguing aspects is the use of bamboo throughout the establishment, an easily recycled material that makes great countertops and tables.

The Applebee's will also feature a green wall, which is an assembly of plant life designed to soak up carbon dioxide in the room and convert it into breathable air. A structure that is becoming more common in commercial buildings, the green wall helps save on HVAC expenses and reduces the level of hazardous gases in the restaurant.

Speaking about the development, Zane Tankel, who founded Apple-Metro, the operating company that oversees Applebee's, stated that it was only the beginning of the brand's embracing of green energy in a restaurant setting.

"It's about being a good neighbor, both locally and globally. We are focusing on green practices and are on a regular schedule of renovating and remodeling our existing restaurants to ensure that Applebee's in New York City is becoming more environmentally friendly," Tankel said in a statement.

If you're in the area on December 10, when the new Applebee's will be unveiled, we definitely recommend checking it out. Whether or not you appreciate their menu, the opening is a testament to the growing influence of renewable resources in our daily lives.

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