Have An Eco-Friendly Party With This Organic Tequila

Just because you like to have a party doesn’t mean you can’t think green at the same time.

Just because you like to have a party doesn't mean you can't think green at the same time. While most liquors aren't designed to be environmentally-friendly, there are a few brands out there that specialize in making organic, gluten-free options that are healthier and more sustainably produced than conventional spirits.

One such brand is Baron, who make their tequila with a careful triple distillation process that removes all the impurities that can lead to a bitter, harsh flavor. This stuff is smooth, and when mixed with some lime juice and Cointreau​, will give you one of the best margaritas you've ever had!

Another nice thing about Baron Tequila is that, unlike many other brands, it's made by a family-owned business. The Ansan Distillery, located in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, was started by Jana Khaimoff, and continues to adhere to its origins as a craft spirit company, despite having experienced substantial growth in the past few years.

When people talk about organic food products, they tend not to focus on alcoholic beverages, but if you like to have a beer, glass of wine or cocktail every now and then, make sure you're buying brands that focus on creating environmentally friendly products. Here are a few things to look for in an organic, sustainable liquor:

  • For beer, find companies that feed their "spent grains" (the barley malt that is removed from the beer before fermentation) to livestock
  • For wine, look for producers who use only organically grown grapes, meaning that they didn't use pesticides or conventional fertilizers.

Lastly, always recycle the bottles that these drinks came in!

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