Honda Accord Wins “Green Car Of The Year” at LA Auto Show

The 2014 Honda Accord won “Green Car of the Year” honors at last week’s L.A. Auto Show in Los Angeles.

The 2014 Honda Accord won "Green Car of the Year" honors at last week's L.A. Auto Show in Los Angeles. Honda beat out competing vehicles from Mazda, BMW, Audi and Toyota to take the prize, the second time in three years that it has won the award. The 2012 natural gas-powered Honda Civic won the same title in 2011.

"Mainstream buyers have long found the Accord a popular choice because of its efficiency, functionality, safety, and value," Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and, said in a news release. "With the addition of exceptional hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions to the already-fuel efficient Accord line, Honda's Accord becomes an even more compelling choice."

So what makes the Accord such a great car? To begin with, it's relatively affordable compared to other models. The four-cylinder version starts at about $22,000, with the higher-end versions, featuring plug-in hybrid engines as well as conventional gasoline hybrid 6-cylinder motors, retail for about $40,000. In addition to improved fuel efficiency, the Accord offers all of the modern amenities that you would expect to find in a luxury car package, yet it comes at a much lower price than competing models from companies like Mercedes and BMW.

One of the features that makes the plug-in hybrid version of the Accord one of the most environmentally friendly cars is that it can travel up to 12 miles on its battery without engaging the gasoline engine, making short trips and errands much more efficient. Plug-in hybrids have been experiencing tremendous growth over the last two years, and the 2014 Accord is likely to accelerate that trend even further. is your number one source for news and information about green vehicles, so keep checking back!

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