How one New York family produces less than one pound of trash every year

The Burgers have brought the same single brown paper bag to the landfill for last 20 years.

Many Americans have been trying to cut down on the amount of waste they generate every day by recycling and finding ways to reuse items because they know that their trash will simply pile up in landfills. As more and more people realize how much reducing waste actually helps the environment, the ways with which they do so become increasingly innovative. But, that's all old news for the Burger family, who told The Huffington Post that they produce no more than 12 ounces of trash every year.

The four Burgers, who hail from Whitney Point, New York, have brought the same single brown paper bag to the landfill for last 20 years, the source reported.

"If you take something into your life, you are responsible for it. If you don't want the responsibility, don't buy the item," Chris Burger said, explaining the philosophy that has made him and his family so waste-efficient. "And responsibility does not end when the trash is taken to the curb."

But how is it possible that the Burgers almost entirely avoid throwing anything out?

Chris told the media outlet that he is very careful when he shops, paying very close attention to the type of packaging products use and approaching shopping as though there is no way to throw out garbage. He also explained that if a community doesn't have a recycling program, residents should come together to advocate for one.

That's exactly what he and his wife Cindy did in the 70s when recycling programs were exceptionally few and far between. The two brought cans to scrap yards and jars to a glass factory, and eventually, they played a big role in establishing recycling collection in their county, according to the news source.

With some smart shopping, composting and resourcefulness, anyone can follow in the Burgers' footsteps.

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