IKEA plants two million trees across America

In the 14 years of the program, IKEA has raised $2 million to carry out its mission.

It's always nice to see corporations making efforts to go green. While it certainly improves their public image, they are helping the environment and promoting green lifestyles to their customer base. IKEA , which is perhaps one of the most popular furniture franchises in the world, has committed to make a huge impact on the American ecosystem.

The company announced on Monday that it has planted two million trees across the country through the IKEA Plant A Tree program, which it has been engaged in since 1998, according to a press release. The initiative was part of a partnership with American Forests, and in the 14 years of the program, IKEA has raised $2 million to carry out its mission.

The goal was to revive American forests that were in desperate need of fresh vegetation. The release states that 74,000 trees were planted as a part of the McNally Fire Restoration in California, 15,000 trees were sown in Arizona for the Warm Fire Restoration project, and more than 100,000 were placed in the Lower Rio Grande in Texas.

"Forests are the most important land-based ecosystems on earth. IKEA's commitment to planting trees makes a real difference, both for the health of our planet and its inhabitants," Scott Steen, CEO of American Forests, said in a statement.

According to the source, two million trees provide enough oxygen for one million people annually, and consume the carbon dioxide emissions released during the lifespans of approximately 10,000 vehicles.

In April, all IKEA FAMILY "loyalty" card holders will be supporting the planting of more trees in the future with every purchase they make.

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