John Hopkins student wins national green competition

While many college students do their part to help the green movement by recycling and spreading awareness of new environmentally friendly products to their friends and family, some go above and beyond by enrolling in challenges that inspire them to get more young adults to commit to helping their favorite cause. Recently, Teens Turning Green asked high school and college students to partake in its Project Green Challenge, a month-long lifestyle competition. 

Participants who applied for entry were then asked to create innovative projects based around social initiatives. The grand prize winner, Raychel Santo of John Hopkins University, had prior experience inspiring others to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Santos had engaged in environmental activities during high school and later founded a chapter of the national Real Food Challenge when she arrived at college.

Santo later joined the sustainability board at John Hopkins, where she worked with the organization's "Meatless Monday" campaign. She was named the winner at a Teens Turning Green gathering in San Francisco, where she competed against 12 other finalists, including a sister team that also hailed from John Hopkins.

"I intend to continue to subtly model sustainable behaviors to my family, friends, community, and now I guess the nation," Santa said after she learned about her victory. "While many may have initially been resistant to change, my hope is that once they can see how normal and exciting a green lifestyle can be, they will slowly adopt and promote greener lifestyles, too."

To find out how they can get involved in similar initiatives, college and high school students may want to speak with their student advisers or search the internet for similar porgrams. Some may involve exciting scholarship or learning opportunities that could eventually lead them to the best green careers when they graduate.

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