Living Green While Staying Stylish

With the summer weather setting in, many consumers are looking to update their wardrobe with lighter weight clothing to keep cool while also looking their best. Before heading to the mall, however, there are a few clothing companies you should check out that specialize in environmentally friendly products, using sustainable fabrics, dyes and manufacturing processes.

All of these labels have online shops where you can purchase their clothing, so you need not search for them at the nearest department store:

  • Awamaki Lab: Founded by the nonprofit group Awamaki, this organization sells clothing made by Peruvian seamstresses and weavers with the goal of providing these women with a sustainable income. Their items incorporate the traditional styles of Peru while adding a modern touch.
  • Carrie Parry: High-end fashion designer Carrie Parry attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins, a famous design school in London, and now produces eco-friendly clothing at a factory in the Garment District of New York City. When feasible, Parry sources all her fabrics from within the United States, and recycles materials in order to reduce the among of waste that ends up in landfills.
  • Fair Indigo: This company uses organic fabrics and recycled materials to produce men's and women's clothing and accessories. In addition, all of their products are fair trade, meaning that you don't have to worry about whether it was made in sweatshop conditions by underpaid child laborers.

The green living landscape is always expanding and improving, so check back with frequently for more news about this exciting field.

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