Lockheed Martin Develops Graphene-Based Water Desalination System

Lockheed Martin, the American company well-known for its aeronautics creations, has reportedly been issued a patent for a revolutionary way to desalinate ocean water. This development is significant because the vast majority of the Earth's available water is too salty for human consumption, and contemporary methods for making it drinkable have proven too costly at best and ineffective at worst.

According to a press release from Lockheed, researchers developed a filtration system that incorporates graphene, a material commonly used in nanotechnological processes. A specialized form of carbon, this substance has also been used in applications like creating next-generation electronic transistors. Scientists at Lockheed harnessed its stable structure to make Perforene, a proprietary filter that can remove chlorine, sodium and other potentially harmful chemicals from water.

Perforene consists of a sheet of graphene with nanometer-sized holes in it. These gaps are large enough to allow water through, but they trap other materials. Officials from Lockheed stated in the release that water filtration is just one way that this new product can be used.

"Access to clean drinking water is going to become more critical as the global population continues to grow, and we believe that this simple and affordable solution will be a game-changer for the industry," Dr. Ray Johnson, the company's senior vice president and chief technology officer, said in a statement. "The Perforene filtration solution is just one example of Lockheed Martin's efforts to apply some of the advanced materials that we have developed for our core markets, including aircraft and spacecraft, to global environmental and economic challenges."

While the company has not announced when it will release the design for purchase, Lockheed is reportedly "seeking commercial partners" following its patent approval. You should stay with LifeIsGreen.com for updates on this and other important green living topics. 

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  1. hi thatcher

    what pump pressure would be required to allow water to pass through perforene filters for desalination for a household

    regards ernst linder

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