Majority of car shoppers looking for fuel efficiency

It's no question that fuel economy has become a bigger concern for car shoppers in recent years as the price of gasoline has gone up, in addition to a growing awareness of the adverse effects tied to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles. This has resulted in pressure from consumers on energy providers to come up with practical and affordable alternative fuel source solutions.

Likewise, the automotive industry has been trying to adapt to the evolving demands of consumers by manufacturing an increased number of hybrid and electric vehicles. Those vehicle manufacturers who haven't tried to innovate their products are missing out on a growing demographic of car shoppers who are searching specifically for autos that won't guzzle down gasoline quickly, costing them at the pump.

According to the latest car owner survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, the most important factor that car shoppers have looked for in new vehicles is fuel efficiency, which garnered votes from 37 percent of the respondents. As pointed out by the Mother Nature Network, this may not seem like a significant percentage, but it was 20 percentage points ahead of the runner-up, vehicle quality.

The report showed that 60 percent of the participating car shoppers said they would rather buy a car that's smaller than they'd like so long as it has great fuel economy.

The study showed that fuel efficiency motivated car owners to shop for new vehicles much more so than any other factor. Ninety percent of the respondents said they wanted a new car to save money on fuel, while 69 percent said they were interested in the latest fuel-saving technology.

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